10 + 1 simple rules to get the most out of life

I have spent a decade in a slump due to my father's death but I have come through the grief process and am beginning to enjoy life again.

As this month advances, I will be coming out of my self imposed shell slowly but surely. Along the way, I discovered a few simple rules that add such depth to my life I can hardly believe it sometimes.

1) Don't just hear, listen and hear sometimes the subtext you will hear if you listen is not the same as the words the other person speaks.

2) Don't just talk to hear yourself talk. Mean what you say and say what you mean. Remember that subtext from above? If you don't mean what you say the other person will see that and not believe you or trust you.

3) Don't just eat your food. Put away the phone, turn off the TV and concentrate on the meal. Taste it, savour it, really enjoy it for itself not for a means to an end.

4) Care. Focus on the person who is talking to you, not some gadget. Share a smile and or a hug to everyone you meet you never know you might save a life. Help others because you can, not because you are looking for praise or gain.

5) Give with all your heart and ask for what you need without reserve. Unmet needs can sour any relationship quickly both for you and for them.

6) Have passion, not a passion. Having passion means whatever you are doing you throw your whole self into it, heart, mind and soul.

7) Have patience with yourself, others and the world. It takes a tree 3 months to go from barren to full leaf and you should too. There is an old adage that goes, "anything worth having is worth waiting for". It really truly is.

8) Live your life, step outside your comfort zone.

9) Love with your whole soul and send that love out to the whole world

10) Laugh, no matter how low you are, laugh it will help bring you back up again and cheer up everyone around you.

And always, always treat others the way you want them to treat you!


  1. It all seems to point to mindfulness. I'm glad we crossed paths today. You look good.

    1. I am glad I saw you too. You are correct it is about paying attention which is just another term for mindfulness. Mindfulness is I think the path to inner peace.


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