World Turtle Day

There are many ways to celebrate the day:

  • Join, support, or donate to the Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group or American Tortoise Rescue.
  • Pick up turtles you find on highways or on busy streets and place them on the far side of the road, facing the direction they were headed.
  • Don't buy turtles or tortoises from pet shops, and report cruelty or illegal sale of turtles, such as the selling of turtles that are smaller than four inches in length.
  • Leave turtles and tortoises in the wild unless they are sick or injured.
  • Urge legislators to preserve turtle and tortoise habitats.
  • Have a party for the day, either at home, work, or in a public space.
  • Dress up as a turtle or make a few to decorate your home..
  • Visit the day's Facebook page.
But what exactly is the day about? 

Created and sponsored by American Tortoise Rescue, an organization that works to protect turtles and tortoises, World Turtle Day® brings attention to turtles and tortoises so that both knowledge of and respect for them may be increased. The day aims to encourage humans to take action to help turtles and tortoises survive by protecting their habitats and stopping their illegal trade and sale. Turtles and tortoises face threats on many fronts: smuggling, cruel pet trade, the exotic food industry, destruction of their habitats, water contamination, and global warming.


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