What's coming in June?

Well it has been quite a ride this month hasn't it but today is the last day of May and I have been thinking about  June.

One thing I hope you have taken from this month is some awareness of some of the health issues the over 50 crowd has to deal with as we slowly move towards our "Golden Years".

I am minded of an incident that occurred earlier this month. I was on my way back from a doctor's appointment and we got talking about Knox this is the conversation as I remember it.

d: Who lives in the old church?

m: People like me.

d: What kind of people?

m: Middle-aged and alone.

d: You are never middle-aged, you stay 29 forever.

Now the driver was male so I can understand why he would think that way. Most women do not reveal their age to anyone certainly not after we reach our fourth decade. I am not like that, in fact, I don't think I ever lied about my age in my whole life. It just seems vain you know. I have seen a lot of years, some of them are even written on my face. Those marks are marks of experience, of wisdom and hopefully, a life lived well and I am proud of them. I hope you are proud of your face too.

Now June... Summer Solstice is this month and so is Fathers Day. There is also a fairy day near the end of the month. I have been going through the topics I chose for June in April and am not sure how many of them I will actually talk about. They just don't feel right.

June is accepted as the first month of summer which means planning vacation time for any littles in your life becomes very important especially for working parents. I mean what are you supposed to do for those eight weeks that the kids are off but you are not? Usually, this is when grandparents and retired aunts get requests from the parents to take the kids for the day or a week. All well and good and since we have four weeks lead time we can certainly find ways to keep them occupied.

But we also need to take some time for ourselves to enjoy the warm days and the long hours of daylight to store memories to get us through the cold days that are never far away.


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