Nothing to Fear

Examine fears you have, and work to overcome them. Are you afraid of heights? Force yourself to climb a tower or to skydive. Do spiders, rats, and snakes give you the creeps? Take a trip to the zoo! Are you afraid of speaking in public? Attend a public speaking workshop or class. If you are afraid of the dark, get rid of your nightlight, if only just for a day. If you are afraid of flying, book an airplane flight. If death scares you—whether it is death itself or what will become of you after you die—explore ways to overcome the fear. Take on your other underlying fears, and be cognizant of fears that are perpetuated by others. There should be nothing to fear!

There should be nothing to fear ... yet fear is one of the base emotions we all have. Sometimes it is just a little shiver in our lizard brain, sometimes it's the great terror of being held at gunpoint or in an airplane accident.

And sometimes that great fury you sometimes feel is fear based as well. A flashback can do that. As you go through recovery from any kind of abuse you can never quite get away from the fear but then the fear is covered by anger. The kind that says "How dare they do that to me" or "Why did I allow that to happen to me". But if you follow that anger deeper into your mind the fear is still there and until you can face that fear, acknowledge it and move on it will continue to take you on that anger and fear ride.

The professor has a deep abiding fear of death that has been there in his psyche for as long as I have known him. With the heart attack a year and a bit ago it has doubled in strength. I wish I could help him find a way to give him the calm I have when I contemplate my own passing.

I have never really feared it and a couple of times I have even embraced it but most people can't. There is a need to know what comes after. I don't care what comes after as long as I can shed the bad memories in this life. I want to be cremated so that my ashes can go all the places I never was able to. If they bury, me even though I've told them repeatedly that I don't want to be in the ground. then at least I will be able to help grass and trees grow as I become bones and eventually dust.

What happens to the part we call a soul doesn't matter because we have done our time here and death is the ultimate vacation. With death, we set down all those memories good and bad and are rid of any responsibilities we feel we have to others. With death, we are free of our clunky bodies and our clunkier emotions. With my death, I will be free of all the chains I feel wrapped around me every single day.

We tell our departed to "rest in peace". In the olden days that was because we felt if we didn't ask them to stay away they would haunt us. To me it means that finally my mind, body & soul will be at peace and I can rest without any worries.

I am pretty sure when you read the title you didn't expect to read about death but I do hope my words bring you some measure of comfort.

Enjoy the day!


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