For the Pun of it!

I have a guilty secret ... I love puns!  Not so good about making them but they always make me laugh. So when I saw that there is a day to celebrate them I just had to check it out.

The O. Henry Pun-Off is a yearly spoken word competition that takes place every May at the O. Henry Museum in Austin, Texas.
Started in 1978, the Pun-Off gathers fans of wordplay to celebrate the pun, which English poet and literary critic John Dryden called "the lowest and most grovelling kind of wit." 

The event has been organized and run since 1990 by Austinite Gary Hallock. A support group of former and current contestants was formed in 1990 to formalize the unwritten rules of the competition(s) and provide guidance and support for future events. 

Under the umbrella title of "Punsters United Nearly Yearly" (a.k.a. PUNY), this collection of loosely knit wits continues to be the public face of the event through its website, Yahoo Group and Facebook page. Gary Hallock retired as a producer in 2015. He was replaced by emcee and 2006 Punslinger World Champion, David Gugenheim.



  1. When the eel hits your eye
    Like a big pizza-pie
    That's a moray...


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