I used to have one of these but like so many other things it got lost in the moving. I got thinking a few days ago about replacing it. With a little research I found it available at The Silver Moccasin in Cobalt Ontario for $120 CAD so I decided I would get a two sided drum for $92 CAD instead. It is in my budget for the end of May.

Drums are thought to be mankind's oldest instrument. They have found drums dated as early as 6000 BC. That is 6000 years before we began to keep track of the year. Can you imagine?

They are one of childhoods first introductions to the making of music. Remember the image of a baby hitting pots and pans just to hear the sounds they make. Or even further back hearing your mothers heart beat which is drum like.

I think they link to a very primitive part of our brains. The beat seeps inside and the steady tempo lulls us to sleep. Fire and drums scare the bad things away be they beast or monster.

This Youtube video is ten hours long and is meant to send you to sleep and promotes deep relaxing sleep. I only listened to about 2 minutes and I was ready to close my eyes and have a nap. If you are feeling a bit frazzled put this on and let it calm and relax you.

Enjoy the day!


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