Dreaming about the Iris

I remember watching for the long green leaves that indicated that the Iris was coming. With Robins and tulips they were the sure signs that the spring and the return of the warm weather were finally here. My dad grew them and so did I when I had a house with space for a garden. The pretty yellow and purples always put a smile on my face and a son in my heart.

In the garden of the building, they have begun to come up and I can't wait! I have been going out every day taking photos of them in the hopes that I will catch the very first bloom.

 I am just glad the landlord planted lots of bulbs because there is a very hungry squirrel out there who has been raiding the garden for the bulbs.

I created a Pinterest board for them so that I can go look at them and cheer myself up as we go through our rainy season.

If you are in the need of a smile or a dose of colour check it out.


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