Brown Bag it!

Here's the thing ... I no longer work or go to school except online but sometimes I want a lunch like the ones my mother made me. You know the kind of lunch you can keep in your locker or desk until lunchtime. They don't need refrigerated and they are easy to eat without a plate or utensils.

This infographic gives you the basic formula :

I think they are so convenient. Make up a few on Sunday and then on the days, you don't want to make lunch grab one of these. Of course, you have the problem that mayonnaise and tomatoes make the bread soggy but that is part of the taste.

If you don't feel able to put the whole thing together ahead of time take a freezer container or freezer bag. Cut up or Mix up a batch of whatever and store them in the fridge then the day of grab a couple of slices of bread put whatever filling you want on it, grab a handful from the fruit and vegetable bags, throw it all on a plate and voila quick & easy lunch with minimal effort.

There are so many more combo's you can put together other than the ones on the infographic. I put a few on a Pin-it board for you to check out.


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