Barrier Awareness Day

Visible and invisible barriers are equally difficult to overcome.  With advocacy, education and awareness these obstacles can be lifted, empowering people with disabilities to live more independent fulfilled lives.

We are aware of the physical barriers and due to some very serious activists those are being fixed but the mental barriers are still a big problem.

Not all people in a wheelchair are unable to work for instance, they could do any job that requires sitting like office work or even as restaurant Hosts. Their legs may not work but their minds and their hands are fully capable of doing things anyone else could. 

That is as long as the physical barriers have been removed and the employers have opened their minds to the possibilities

When the buses put in the ramps and special seating area for wheelchairs and baby carriages I was so happy! I am not at the wheelchair stage yet but I would love an electric scooter or other mobility devices to get me around when my legs and back are misbehaving and I have errands to run. Since I don't own a vehicle the bus and my feet are the only way for me to get around.

I am also glad to see that the local malls have added wheelchair access ramps to get into them. I think that was one of the smartest things they could have done since adding elevators throughout the building.

Look around, if you see a store that doesn't have wheelchair access and it is one you frequent often suggest to them that they add a ramp so you can continue to be a customer into your old age.

Be aware and be there for our contemporaries and elders that need access to buildings and offices that they can't get into at the moment.


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