Reach as High as you can

There are several ways to interpret the word reach: there is the everpresent physical one that tells you to stand tall and reach as high as you can to stretch and lengthen your spine; there is the emotional one that tells you to reach for the things that you need, don't give up.; there is the mental command to reach out and become all that you can be; and finally there is the one that combines them all that tells you not to be afraid and to reach out for your goals, to strive, to dream.

Reaching for our dreams seems to diminish as we allow our illnesses and age to persuade our minds that it is too late, we are too old or too broken.

I know I've been there and will return there again probably when the cold weather comes back, for a Canadian that grew up on the snow belt you'd think I would have come to terms with the cold but I never have, and it always sends me into a depressive cycle.

But when the snow is mostly gone and the skies are sometimes blue that is when my energy comes back, that is when I uncoil and begin to reach for my goals and dreams again. As I reach toward my sixtieth year I am less tolerant of the ones who make demands on me because there are things I want to do that does not include them. Things I want to do before I become, well old. Because in my head I am not old only held captive by a body that no longer wants to co-operate with me.

Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be..

I can't do a lot I know that but there are small things I can do like the photo scavenger hunts, like finding new creative outlets, sewing, lego, floral arranging stuff like that. Taking mini trips either with my son or the Professor. Hell hopping on a bus and spending a day in Pickering, or Ajax or any number of other places that a day trip makes sense to do.

I haven't checked ticket prices lately but I bet I can go anywhere a bus goes in a 100 km radius and it wouldn't cost me more than $50 for the round trip and all it would require from me is to purchase the ticket and get to the bus on time. Once I get there I can window shop or check out a nearby park or any number of other things within walking distance of the bus stop.

If I want to go further I can take the bus to Oshawa and catch a Go Train anywhere in the GTA and beyond probably for less than $75. Maybe!

Its a dream after all and anything is possible in a dream though in truth it would be more interesting than spending all my money on my game or craft stuff. Indeed I think when I am done here I am going to do some research into that and find out what the actual prices would be and where I could go

What is one of your dreams? Is there anything you can do today to bring it one step closer?


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