Nature Appreciation Picnic

I have done so little cooking this month outside my normal go to foods of pasta with something on top and vegetable soup that I thought it would be fun to prepare an imaginary picnic that would work during this time of year.

Of course the first requirement would be a sunny day but if it's going to rain then you will need to find a covered area to have your picnic. Heck you can even just spread a blanket on the floor in your living space and eat on it or if that is too hard to get back up from put a table of some sort in front of an open window and eat at it. The idea is to have the outdoors in your eyes, ears and nose while you eat.

This would be my prefered way but sans the Gazebo a bench in the garden would be perfect.

The food: You can do the sandwiches, salads and lemonade of a summer picnic or you can put a little bit of work into it and make yourself a thermos of nice warm soup, a lavender latte in a takeaway cup (you know the reusable plastic ones) a couple of pieces of toast or some crackers for the soup in one of those KitchenAid food savers and finally an apple and an orange for dessert.

Mind though this close to the end of the month if you don't have any of that available and you are at the low end of your money you can just wrap up any leftovers and fresh foods you have and turn them into your picnic food.

This kind of picnic is more about just getting outside if you can or enjoying the sights and sounds of a spring day. I don't live in the country, indeed I live on one of the busiest streets in this city but once I get past the gate into the garden I shut out the noise and concentrate on the smell and look of the garden even this early when things are just beginning to get green again.

I'll be taking a ham sandwich on egg bread, a hard boiled egg, some broccoli with ranch dressing, a couple of celery sticks and a few mini carrots all of which I have in my fridge right now. Stick them into a covered bowl or just wrapped in plastic and take them out to the garden. There is a table with two chairs in there that I will set up and enjoy my lunch at. To drink it will be a can of Coke Zero my cola of choice.

I hope you make time to take the air today.


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