International Sculpture Day

I have spent an enjoyable morning looking at small things made big throughout Canada beginning with one of two I could remember seeing.

A long time ago I took a train to Alberta to visit with family out there and I remember going through Sudbury and seeing the Big Nickel, it stuck with me and began my interest in such things. Now that I have the time maybe I'll get to see some of the ones I've heard of.

There are also similar sculptures for the Loonie & the Toonie and I think the penny though I haven't found it yet.

The other one I have seen is the Big Apple which stands in Colborne. We pass this whenever we go to Ottawa and we usually stop to pick up a fresh Apple Pie which they make on site. If you have kids do check it out as they have a small amusement park on site as well.

If you are interested in learning about more of these "little things made big" in Ontario check out the Following:

Travel2Next has a list of Quirky Landmarks throughout Canada if you are planning a road trip one of these days.


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