Traditional form- unrhymed 17 syllable poem of Japanese origin. It usually has a seasonal reference. The structure is: line 1 - 5 syllables; line 2 - 7 syllables; line 3 - 5 syllables

It is a lovely verse form and can say a lot in 17 syllables. See the example below.

Spring's Way

Published: April 2018
Winter fights to stay.
Sweet Spring always wins her way.
Flowers bloomed today!

Spring has final say,
Sending Winter on his way.
Her true love is May!

Spring's June wedding day.
White lily and rose bouquet.
Bells ring out today!

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/springs-way

I have not written one in a long time and will not attempt it today as I am suffering from a brain fog this morning. But do give it a try as we celebrate Haiku Day today.


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