Getting Ready For May

1) Go to a farmers market (outdoor one doesn't start until after May 24)
2) Finish planting the herbs (terrarium isn't ready yet)
3) Get things ready for yard sale (going through my crafting stuff and sending it to my gd#1 to sell)
4) Clean the refrigerator & stove (going to empty the fridge out and clean the shelves, ditto the stove)
5) Sew a garbage bag for the car (the professor complains so I'm going to make a reusable garbage bag for his car) 
6) Sew altar cloth for summer (I always try to be seasonal) (Beltane is May 1st)
7) Complete one chair cover (still looking for a pattern or other idea but will have one soon)
8) Experiment with celery & rhubarb (saw rhubarb in the garden so may be able to pick my own)
9) Try Sangria (I collected a few recipes I want to try, trying to figure out how to drink wine)
10) Everything is coming up flowers so expect to see lots of photos

Those are my plans for the month. One last thing, I'll be talking about sewing a lot in the coming months as I slowly learn this new skill. If you want to join me when you get your tax refund or Trillium go to and look into the Janome machine below it will cost about $100 bucks but it will pay for itself quickly. This one is the cheapest but the most expensive one is $140 the price varies according to the colour you choose.


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