A discussion about a belief system

I am sorry I'm running late with this up until Monday I was ahead of the game but three days of debilitating headaches and the usual body pain put me out of commission and I got behind. I usually try to have a week worth ready to go in case of that but this swept in and knocked me on my ass.

Anyway enough of that. This post is supposed to be about the lego challenge for this month which was to create a resurrection piece. Yeah I know I don't usually go for the Christian ones but this looked like a real challenge and besides, they called it a resurrection garden so I could have green in it.

Green... green keeps coming up for me this year, in everything I think about, green figures prominently from clothes to creative efforts. Maybe it is time I left my purples behind and start wearing green. I am thinking about it.

Back on topic, the upshot of all this meandering is that I have nothing done so nothing to show you. If you are interested in learning more about the different ways you can create a resurrection garden check out the Pinterest boards and the sites I've included below

In Christianity, this story and the story of his birth are the beginning and end of the reason for their faith. He was born of a virgin and died so that we can be redeemed up to our death. I grew up believing this as many of you did and I think I still would save for the dream that showed me that the rule book for being a "good Christian" was far larger than the bible.

Since I believe Jesus was the embodiment of Love on earth how could I possibly accept things like how long my hair should be and what I should wear as being part of him. Love means unconditional caring which in turn means you accept people as they are not holding them to some artificial standard. That Artificial Standard is why I left organized religion but I still have faith it's just not the same as theirs.

I guess that makes me a sometimes Christian but Pagan sounds better, it also means that I can choose the tenents I choose to believe in. I believe in the Golden Rule. I believe in most of the commandments, (all of them except for the one that says put no other before me actually), no real diety would insist that he be the centre of your world how can you love your fellow man if you do that? IMO it simply isn't possible to have all your attention focused on one being and still see the ones who need a hand up.

Thus Pagan, for me it works. I don't preach. I never will. You need to find your own way and sure as shooting my beliefs will not fit you completely, no set of beliefs can fit everybody as we each have our own life experiences and must work within them.

Now for some links, enjoy!

Frugal Fun For Boys is my goto for a lot of my lego challenges so I figure it is time to introduce them to you

Resurrection Garden Ideas is my Pinterest board

Resurrection of Jesus is the Wiki

Even YouTube has the story in several variations below is one but check out the link for more if you are interested.


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