Shen Yun Report

Shen Yun

From the first scene, I was enthralled! The dancing was well worth the price of admission. I was close enough I didn't need binoculars which was a bonus I was not expecting.

The dancing made it worth having to listen to the political overtones of some of the introductions to the acts. While I can understand why it was important to them to bring the situation in China to our attention still I thought it was more than a little self- serving to include it into the dialogue of what might have been a glorious feast for the eyes and ears otherwise.

Would I go back? Yes if only to enjoy the music, the dance and the costumes!

Souvenirs were priced reasonably though as much as I would have loved a silk scarf I could not bring myself to pay nearly $200 for one. The scarf ring I got was beautiful and will look splendid with my shawls and scarves and it was only $50.

If you get a chance to see a production trust me it is well worth it!


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