Ostara/ Spring Equinox

Two very important days are in this month. One is the first day of Spring and the other is St Patricks Day.

As a pagan, I celebrate the Equinox as a time of renewal. It is one of the primary celebrations of all those who follow Natureist beliefs

Where I am the Equinox moment will be March 20 at  5:58 pm according to time/date.

I have started decorating my altar and will share a picture when I deem it done. I do not know how many of you follow the Nature path in your spiritual life but I hope those of you who do will share with me.

I will be putting all of my March pictures on Instagram this month so If you want to check them out my pictures can be found @cherylmarois

As the month goes by and we get closer to the day I will share pictures of my altar and some of the ways I plan to celebrate.

To begin to plan your own ritual check out this Pinterest board: Special Days: Spring Equinox.

For help with planning an altar check out this board: Making: Spring Equinox

For Food ideas check out: Cooking: Spring Equinox

Blessings of the Day


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