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Ostara/ Spring Equinox - Planning my ritual

This is as much as I have planned at the moment and if you know Wicca at all you will recognize many of the elements involved. Since I will be doing this in full view of my neighbours I have promises my landlady that I will not be overt which means, not going skyclad though that would be my preference

God & Goddess to whom I am dedicating this ritual: Gaia & The Greenman 

✯GAIA ✯ - Mother Earth - This primordial Greek Goddess personifies nature and the earth. She was born before time. A child of Chaos, Gaia gave birth to the god Uranus to be her companion, the sky, the sea, as well as the mighty mountains. She became the mother of the great one-eyed giants known as Cyclopes, the hundred armed ones known as Hekatoncheires, and eventually gave birth to the mighty TitansThe Mythology of the Green Man and the Green Knight                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The incense will be a combination of lavender, rose & sage for love & healing

The flowers I will have on my altar will be sweet yellow & pale green

The crystals on my altar: Rose quartz & Amethyst for balance

The animals on my altar will be the Pegasus, the unicorn, a snake and a rabbit or two

Step 1: Smudge the apartment: I have a smudge wand of Sage which I will walk clock-wise through every section of my unit making sure the incense gets into the corners while saying this simple prayer:

Negative energy may not stay
With this prayer, I send it away
Negative energy I banish thee
So say I, so must it be

Step 2: Take a walk through the garden and commune with Gaia
As I walk I pray: Welcome spring, I am glad you are here

In the Pergola, I will mark a circle with my feet and close the circle into a dome around me (for protection)
Image result for elemental positions in the circle
I will light my green candle and pray to the four corners
Greetings Earth sacred to Gaia, may you grow verdant
Greetings Air sacred to Eostre I welcome your gentle warmth
Greetings Fire sacred to Helios may you grow strong to warm the earth
Greetings Water sacred to Tethys we welcome your gentle rains of Spring

Greetings all as you enter and spread the beauty that is spring

Thank the elements as I reopen the circle

Pour the milk & honey elixir into the ground at the corner of the building and repeat the blessing.

Sit for 10 minutes communing with the earth

So I say so must it be.

Step 3: Back inside layout the following Tarot Spread for a read on what is to come. Then thank spring for her arrival
Tarot spreads | Season spread.


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