Ostara/ Spring Equinox - Decorating my altar

The colours for Ostara are green and white with a touch of sweet yellow & other pastels

The order of the elements are Earth at the top followed clockwise by Air, Water & Fire

For Earth, I have placed a daffodil; For Air, there is a purple on green essential oil burner; For Water, there is a glass of milk & honey (ok its not full yet but it will be) which will be taken outside when I go to do that part of the ritual; For Fire there is a green candle that will be lit at 5:58pm and kept burning all night

Also on my altar are rabbits, a snake, a unicorn & a Pegasus all of which are sacred to Eostre goddess of spring & renewal.

 Plus lots & lots of different types of eggs which are central to this sacred day, some are hand-painted others are cheap dollar store foam & plastic eggs

There is also athame & a pentacle which are always on my altar. The athame has a design on it that calls my goddess (Aphrodite) to mind. The pentacle I made myself.

So that is my altar, what do you have on yours to welcome Spring?


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