National Barbie Day

I play with children's toys and I am not ashamed! LOL

Today is Barbies Birthday and in true Cherylann style, I want to share my Barbie collection with you. Don't turn away this is not your usual show and tell I promise.

Weeping Angel BarbiesA few years ago I ran into this picture on Pinterest. If you have watched Dr Who then hopefully you recognize what these barbies have become.

I took the idea and made a few changes as per usual. I didn't want weeping angels, I wanted elements and seasons.

I was able to get Autumn made but got stuck on Winter so Spring is a cheat and Summer is still in her wrap.

One of the things I want to do today is to design the remaining costumes in preparation for completing them next month.

I am not sure how well you can see the elements but two Air & Fire are complete, Water has his scales but no fins yet,(it took a long time to find something that would work), and like Summer Earth is still in her wrap.

Trying to decide how to do Earth has taken a very long time as well and I am still not certain how I will go about it 

The next set on my list is a set of 14 to represent the virtues and sins of the bible. I have been thinking about it and I may go with the mini-barbies for them since it will be such a big set and I will want to display them as I have displayed these but time will tell.

Happy Birthday, Barbie!


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