Cooking: Green for Spring

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Motivation for Monday

I chose Kiwi & Peas as the fruit and vegetable for March. Between St Patrick's Day & the First Day of Spring, March is the month for green.

Kiwi is fairly new to me so I am looking forward to experimenting with it. I have tasted it and I like the taste raw now I gotta find out what it tastes like cooked.

Health Benefits Of Kiwi.    #health #benefits #nutrition #vitamins
More vitamin C than a orange of the same size!
It Strengthens bones very important at my age!
Reduces bad fat's! That sounds like a fruit I can get behind!

I have only two recipe's I am determined to try out: Kiwi Muffins and this month I want to try a chia pudding so I'm going to make Kiwi Chia Pudding

Pea's please. I do like my peas rather they are fresh, canned or frozen but I have never mixed them with anything else so I want to do that this month.
10 Health Benefits of Green Peas! #wellness #vegetables #food #organic

Regulates Blood Sugar ... Yes! diabetics take note
Strengthens bones, definitely a plus!
All kinds of good for the stomach & digestive track, that's great news too!

I have only chosen two recipes for these lovelies: Green Pea Soup and  Italian Peas.

I am still feeling my way with this cooking thing and I will probably make other recipe's throughout the month but I am feeling a little overwhelmed with three or four recipe's per ingredient so I am reducing them to two.

One other thing I will be using frozen peas just because I do like peas and I expect finding fresh may be difficult.

There are also more recipes in Cooking: Peas and Cooking: Kiwi for you to explore if my choices don't appeal.


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