April Bucket List

A few much simpler things on my bucket list this month. Easter Dinner will be the biggest event if I know my daughter, the rest is fun stuff.

1) Professional Mani and Petti: It will take 1/3 of the money I have left after the bills but I really need one. I figure if they do the basic work then upkeep will be much simpler.
2) Easter Egg Nails: I also want to paint my nails like this so a manicure is a necessity
3) Have a Spring Picnic: I haven't put this on the schedule yet but plan to go around this time next month as the warm weather should be here by then.
4) Make Lavender Lemonade: I am so curious about drinks made with lavender that I may try a Lavender Latte and a couple of other recipes during the month
5) Make a Herb Garden: I have this medium size fish tank and the other things I need to turn it into a small garden so I figured I'd make it a Herb garden with a few basics in it.
6) Drink Easter Coffee: I keep seeing references to this so I'm looking for the recipe. If you know one, please share
7) Play in the Rain: Sounds kinda silly but I need to remind myself of who I used to be so on one of those rainy days I'm going to go splash in puddles & dance in the rain because I can
8) Go on a scavenger hunt: I mentioned this earlier this week, I will take my phone and go on a walk taking pictures for one of the scavenger lists I have on the board
9) Make a wind chime: I have some old fashioned nails and some bells I've been meaning to combine into a chime, this month I want to actually get it done
10) Buy a house plant: Along with the herb garden I want to get either an aloe vera or a spider plant or both if I can afford them
11) Shop the Farmers Market: I do not know if they will be outside yet but I hope so, I'll be checking for the two downtown every week since they are the closest.
12) Easter with my family: I rather hope there won't be a big dinner but if there is I will go, all I really want is to spend a day outside with my family enjoying the spring weather


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