One More Day

One more day and we will have left this darkest of months behind us. It's sad really with valentines in the middle you would think that February would be a month of light-hearted joy but it really isn't.

I don't blame February for its bad rep, it is its placement in that time between the new year and warmer weather that makes it difficult I think. Even before it gets here we are tired of the snow and the cold which makes it feel colder and darker. Or maybe it just feels that way to me.

I thought maybe I would share some of my crafting efforts this month though I'll be honest I didn't do much.
Hearts. I like the big one best

Tree of Love: So simple sticky foam hearts & pipe cleaners

Pirate #1 Habitat

Valentines Vignette

A Warlock at Work

The Pirate one I think you have seen before, still working on the skull problem. The Valentines one just came together one day. That's a heart in the background, it was the first one I made & it was difficult.

"A Warlock at Work" is about 10 years old, it was the first room box I made. I made it as a gift for the Professor, (Warlock is his other handle), and it has been sitting in his closet where he could see it every day but he had to move it recently and it came apart in his hands so he brought it to me to repair. I've only reaffixed the back two walls, the decorations need to be glued down as well & the plexie glass put back in.

It's funny I got told that someone would pay money for it, I don't think it is all that good but it was nice to hear. Got me to thinking maybe it's time I made a new one.

The Lecture Vignette
I am working with this set separately. It isn't quite Lego so I mean to use it as a backdrop for several vignettes in my head that need a neutral background to better show the mini-figs in various places. This, of course, is a basic Lecture Theatre but I have other ideas I just got to plan them out


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