A tip to brighten your day.

Cultivate the intellect, and you shall have a mind that produces beautiful thoughts, worthy images, helpful ideas, that will serve as solace in times of stress and be to you a refuge 'gainst all the storms that blow.

The cultured mind, as compared to the uncultured mind, is the difference between beautiful gardens that produce vegetables, fruits or flowers and a tract of land that is overgrown with weeds & brambles

To be a person of culture is to be at home under all conditions. Your mind is stored with mental images, and memory comes to keep you company, and guide you to nostalgia and the sense of separateness to universality or oneness with the Divine.

The country will be beautiful to you in any season, and society and solitude each will be welcomed in turn.

You are to reject nothing, despise nothing, knowing that everything belongs somewhere, and that it is needed to make up the great mosaic of life.

Elbert Hubbard (sunset magazine)

I do not know what year this was published nor which season it was for I did not make a note of that in my book. I have also not been able to find a single cover image of the ones I remember reading.

I have several articles like this that I cut from the magazine and put in my first ever commonplace book. I have kept only a few of them, this one because it was my first.

I highly recommend having such a thing for yourself. When I am feeling really down I go back and read one of the bits I put in it. It is important to put positive things in it if you mean to use it as I do but it can hold anything that brings a smile to your face or speaks to you. Some people also use one to keep recipes and images not just words that have a positive meaning to them.

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