Whats on the menu- Part 3

Well, its that time of the month again. Freezer looking a little bare? Or do you still have some of the stuff you made last month?

I still have some in there but I am yearning for some fresh, unfrozen food. Mind you I like to cook, you may not.

If we take a look at the menu we have six dishes to prepare. I will be making all six today with an eye to freezing a portion or two. When I chose these recipes I did so without considering the freezeability of them so I hope I chose at least two that translate well to the freezer. Remember my aim is to re-introduce a couple of fresh foods that were a) in season; b) I had little knowledge of; c) considered healthy; d) not favourite foods.

I will not share all of the photos here because there are too many so if you want to see the whole process check out this story at Instagram: Cooking Day Jan 2019

The Dishes can be found on this post: What's on the menu-Part 2

The Adventure:10:55-11:55 So approximately one hour to complete the first two dishes

1) Brussels sprouts with butternut squash (because I still have a lot of the frozen butternut squash left) from Happy Kitchen. Rocks. (Great collections of Vegan recipes)

2) Garam Marsala Brussels sprouts (because I'm interested in Indian food) from Whisk & Shout

1) The recipe called for fresh squash but I didn't have any so I used frozen instead

2) This recipe called for an Indian Spice called Hing but I didn't have any and I couldn't find any in the usual places that I could guarantee would be here for today so I skipped it. I also put the spices in before I heated the oil but it is still very aromatic

Since it was almost noon I decided to take a break for lunch. The third brussels sprouts recipe is a salad so will be quick to prepare, that said I decided to save it for dinner and get those grapefruit dishes made. After lunch of course. And what is for lunch why the things I just finished cooking of course.

Taste Test:
First bite- the Garam Marsala: The first bite was almost sweet but there is fire in this dish. If you are not a fan of spicy I'd suggest you skip this one.

Second bite- Sprouts with squash & avocado sauce: This one has a tangy bite from the balsamic but the maple syrup balances it out and makes it almost sweet. The avocado sauce really does make this dish. Not too sweet, not too sour, this one is a keeper

BTW the two of them together actually makes for an interesting meal.
At this point, my body told me it needed rest so I will continue this in another post later in the day.

Note to self: Send the photos to Instagram before removing them from the phone


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