Valentines Day Gifts - Not a commercial

I have two reasons to celebrate Valentines Day. One of my sisters was born on that day and it is a holiday devoted to love, (supposedly). I am not here to give you ideas on what to buy your loved ones because I don't believe store-bought gifts and cards are the way to go.

As a "Priestess of Love" I would suggest something much more meaningful and I would not limit it to my chosen partner. 

When my children asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told them "Time". It is the most meaningful gift of all. For Valentine's my wish is the same.

1) Cuddle with your loved ones and talk with them or if you must cuddle with them as they watch their favourite TV show or movie.
2) Make everyone's favourite dinner, ok that may be difficult depending on how many loved ones we are talking about but try to have a meal together and talk about each other day and really listen to each other.
3) Give each and every one of them a big hug and kiss.
4) Make valentines together for each other
5) Go for a walk with each other and share the beauty of winter

All great gifts but... THESE are the best gifts you can give someone: a loving heart, an empathetic ear and an open mind.


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