Something to laugh about

I know laughter is the best medicine but sometimes it seems out of reach. Lately, most of my laughter has come from scenes in a book that I was reading. I do not know if they were intended to be funny but they tickled my funny bone.

I am a man basher and I make no apology for that and in the first scene that comes to mind the female lead bites into a candy penis and the male leads hands automatically covers up that part of his anatomy and winces. Every time I read something like that, it makes me smile and sometimes laugh out right. To my male reader's I'm sorry it just does, that part of your anatomy is not nearly as important as you think, though I suppose you would disagree with me.

I decided to go looking for quotes that made me laugh, here are a few.

38 Funny Quotes Laughing So Hard 7 Nothing To See Here 

And I added a few more on my Humourous Quotes board at Pinterest


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