Let's have an adventure

Sometimes I need a reminder like this. Since the first snowfall, I have refused to leave the house unless I had a ride waiting. When you think about it that was a little silly since the snow and ice didn't make a real appearance until this past weekend.

Today as I began to prepare this I realized I was getting restless, that I was tired of sitting inside all the time. Thankfully my son came around and asked me if I wanted to go to the dollar store with him. Since I needed to get some decorating items for February I was glad to go. I felt so much better when I got back just like last night.

In my list of gratitudes for today will be one for the Professor and GD#1 for dragging me out to dinner last night and to my son for dragging me outside today. I really needed the reminder that I like to be outside having adventures even when I am being a silly scaredy-cat. I'm still worried about falling but I am so bored being inside all the time.

How about you? Has your winter been more rain than snow like mine has been? What do you do when you are bored?


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