It's National Popcorn Day!

Kernels Popcorn Do you know this place?
It is the best place to get popcorn!

At least the kind we don't make for ourselves.

I am a big fan of Jalapeno Jack cheese and they do a great version of it as a popcorn flavour, much better than the movie theatre kind.

My second favourite flavour is Caramel which is a candy-coated popcorn. I can't eat the regular stuff but they have a low-cal version which is nearly as good and only has about half the sugar. That is my main order, one small Jalapeno Jack and one small Low-Cal Caramel.

I just found out today that I can order it online and then just go to the kiosk to pick it up or if I can't get there have my daughter come get my POP and go pick it up for me. One more helpful thing to know for the housebound.

Because I am becoming more health conscious I decided to search around and see if I could find any nutritional information on the products. I found an ingredients and allergens page which was a bit of an eye-opener but is not much different than what I would add myself if I were making it at home.

I did a bit more exploring and discovered that their charity of choice is Autism Speaks Canada which is dear to my heart as I have two grandsons who were diagnosed with it. Just one more reason to love this place.

One last thing, take a look at their menu, there is a flavour there for everybody and remember popcorn is gluten-free, high fibre and has much fewer calories than potato chips even with the extras.

I had not intended this to be an ad for Kernels but like I said I love popcorn and I love this place!


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