How do you say goodbye?

I apologize if you thought I was going to share a sad story. This is not about sadness, this is about joy and how we find a tiny bit of it every day.

When my children were little I would send them off to bed with a hug and an I love you. A lot of people do that now but when I was little hugs seldom came and I never heard an I love you from either of my parents. I think they did but they never said so. That is not today's story, maybe another day.

Anyway as they got older I heard the I love you back from them nearly every day and always when they left for school I would give them a hug, actually any time they left the house I gave them a hug if I was around.

Now at 39 and 40 they still give me a hug when they come through the door and when they leave. I insist the same as I insist that each grandchild gives me at least one hug when they come to visit if they are difficult I'll sneak up on them and give them one.

It is a good way to show someone you care about them plus a hug is almost always followed by a smile and then I love you. It is important for everyone to feel comforted once in a while and hugs are a great way to do that.


Its National Hug Day, share a hug or three.


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