Cooking Adventures - For February

The vegetable I am learning about this month is Broccoli and the fruit is Lemons both of which are on the February in-season list. I thought that it was neat that they were the pictured items on the list, made me think that I chose right for this month.

I will also be doing a little experimenting with almond flour as I happen to have some in my pantry I want to use up.

I won't be doing the cooking all in one day this time, it wears me out and leaves me with too many leftovers and with all the frozen vegetables in there from my last trip to The Grocery Outlet, (Almost Perfects new name), there is not much room left. The link takes you to the web site of the one closest to me but there is a locater on the page as well as a suggestion box to suggest new locations to them. Can you tell I really love this store?

OK back on topic.

Broccoli: A favourite on the vegetable platter for a get-together and for a quick side with a bit of steaming. I want to try to make my own Cream of Broccoli Soup  and these Broccoli Fritters

Lemons: A lot of uses for the juice and rind but not many like the pulp so I'm looking for uses of that. I'm also going to be using it to make something besides a dessert like these Greek Lemon Potatoes or this Lemon Spaghetti

Almond Flour: This Heart Healthy alternative for All-Purpose Flour has got my curiosity up so I thought I might make some Almond Flour Bread and some Almond Flour Crackers to go with the above meals

For this month I'm trying a different reporting method in keeping with spreading the cooking out. I'll Share my cooking adventures with you once a week. That is important because I have a lot of baking in mind for this month. To see what is on the list check out the February's What's Cooking Board.

Nutritional Facts:

Health Benefits of Broccoli                         


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