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Cooking Adventures - For February

The vegetable I am learning about this month is Broccoli and the fruit is Lemons both of which are on the February in-season list. I thought that it was neat that they were the pictured items on the list, made me think that I chose right for this month. I will also be doing a little experimenting with almond flour as I happen to have some in my pantry I want to use up. I won't be doing the cooking all in one day this time, it wears me out and leaves me with too many leftovers and with all the frozen vegetables in there from my last trip to The Grocery Outlet, (Almost Perfects new name), there is not much room left. The link takes you to the web site of the one closest to me but there is a locater on the page as well as a suggestion box to suggest new locations to them. Can you tell I really love this store? OK back on topic. Broccoli: A favourite on the vegetable platter for a get-together and for a quick side with a bit of steaming. I want to try to make my own Cream of

Crafts Anyone? January Round-up

Top Left: Snowflakes out of Lego that was my Lego Challenge for January . I had to do them in black cause I didn't have any white in the sizes needed. I only made the three but since they are the basic shapes and I made them from pictures I think I did good Bottom Left: The chair is part of my dinette set and a part of another challenge I have given myself. I fell in love with this Yarn Bomb chair years ago and I have been trying to re-create it because I love it. This is my second try the first one was a mess. and I've been looking over some of the newer ones and I saw this one so I figured I'd give it a try Top Centre: My first Lego house & furnishing. It is not fancy but it is a beginning. Bottom Centre: My word of the year poster for February, its in my bullet journal now. Upper Right: This is a Lego Habitat , in this case, I am creating a home for a peg-leg pirate and his monkey. Eventually, I want that white wall in the back to be replaced by a skull and

It's time! Introducing my Inspiration for Creative Cooking

I own a book, a recipe book that was published in 1982 by Firefly Books Ltd. That last is important because I actually worked in that warehouse for a couple of weeks and got my first computer books from there. But the book itself is worth it's weight in gold. The Creative Cook's Recycling Book by Ruth Johnson and it is signed by her. You have heard me call myself a creative cook and this is where I learned it.  She called herself the Garbage Gourmet and she was the epitome of a creative cook. She also lived in Ontario which made her special in another way. She could take anything from stale beer to pickled beets that have started to fade and make something delicious from them. As far as I can tell that was her first and last book and yet it is still available at and . Though only 4 at either site so if your interested best go look today. I thought I would share two recipe's from it today Let us start with that flat as a pancake beer shall

Something to laugh about

I know laughter is the best medicine but sometimes it seems out of reach. Lately, most of my laughter has come from scenes in a book that I was reading. I do not know if they were intended to be funny but they tickled my funny bone. I am a man basher and I make no apology for that and in the first scene that comes to mind the female lead bites into a candy penis and the male leads hands automatically covers up that part of his anatomy and winces. Every time I read something like that, it makes me smile and sometimes laugh out right. To my male reader's I'm sorry it just does, that part of your anatomy is not nearly as important as you think, though I suppose you would disagree with me. I decided to go looking for quotes that made me laugh, here are a few.     And I added a few more on my Humourous Quotes board at Pinterest

Books, Books, Books

Reading done in January: Predatory Game   GhostWalkers Series, Book 6   Christine Feehan   The Homemade Housewife: The last book you will ever need on homemaking and frugal living  Kindle Edition  by  Kate Singh   (Author)  Justin Trudeau: 47 Character-Revealing Quotes from Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister and What They Mean for You (Canadian Politicians Book 1)   Kindle Edition  by  Christopher di Armani   (Author)  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen R. Covey (author)  Mindfulness: 50 Easy Mindfulness Exercises For Beginners To Live In The Moment And The Art Of Letting Go   Kindle Edition  by  Kellie Sullivan   (Author)  Beowulf Crystalfire Demonslayers Series, Book 4 by Kate Douglas The Beautiful and the Cursed by  Page Morgan   The Dispossessed Series, Book 1 The Inventors Secret  I forgot to note the rest but it was an interesting steampunk book Arsenic and Old Cake  by  Jacklyn Brady Crossroads and Other Tales of Valdem

Eat Breakfast like a King

That is the first line of a poem that I heard long ago. I am not sure who wrote it or even if I am quoting it right. If a (wo)man would eat Breakfast like a king Lunch like a prince Dinner as a pauper Such a (wo)man would be Healthy, wealthy and wise I think a prince is supposed to refer to the storekeepers and such who ate three course instead of the 10- 12 courses a king would have at that time. I think it was written in the 1500's After a little research I found that it was made popular by Adelle Davis in her weight loss book "Lets Get Well" , but she only used "Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper". I know I have seen that quote as written above elsewhere but danged if I can remember it now. All good sound advice considering she wrote that book in 1965 What it basically says is eat a large meal when you break your fast in the morning, a mid-size lunch and a tiny supper and you will become healthy, rich and smart.

What I am Grateful For

Please let me never forget how rich my wonderful life is right at this moment. Please let me never forget that all I have is all I need. Please let me never forget to give thanks. SIMPLE ABUNDANCE JULY1  Breathnach, Sarah Ban. The Simple Abundance Companion (pp. 22-23). Grand Central Publishing. Kindle Edition.  I've been thinking. Yeah I know I do that a lot but it helps me to keep my mind active and it's not all bad stuff, indeed less than half is what I call bad stuff. Today I was reading my Simple Abundance Companion  and came across the quote above. It reminded me to remember how lucky I am to still be alive and relatively healthy especially on the days when I also feel as if my little world is breaking apart at the seams. Over the years I've written many entries about Gratitude but recently as you know I erased a great many of my posts from the past. Today I want to share a list with you of some of the things I am grateful for. I have both eyes and while they

A Conversation

When I started this post I intended to write something entirely different but I am very disturbed at the moment by a conversation I just had on instant messenger and I want to share it with you. Tell me do you think I am wrong to take this stance or not? The grey is my daughter the blue is me Hey.. do you happen to have $25 to $30 we can borrow until the end of the month? Mom Cherylann I am flat broke maybe $3 to my name I don't have enough lunch stuff to get us through until the end of the month because we can't send them with peanut butter. We don't have soup or anything food banks are closed and Dean has school tomorrow so no way to go to the food banks. We are in a pretty bad predictiment. Cherylann I would help if I could you are just going to have to get creative There is nothing to get creative with. I have been thinking about it since yesterday. They j