Today is the beginning of the beginning of a New Year

Today is the beginning of the beginning of a New Year. Did you catch boxing day fever? So many of us do myself included. Today is a great shopping day... well maybe I'm not sure the mark downs are all that great until after New Years Day.

Today when you are sitting at home in your favourite chair looking at the things you bought you will suddenly be struck with a big thought. The last day of 2018 is less than a week away. If you are like me your mind will begin reviewing  the past year and thinking about what you want 2019 to be about

You will notice that this blog has a new title and, if you notice such things, a new web address. I decided that it was time to organize things a bit better. It came to me one night last month that I was getting too old to be a wildchild, at least in the way I meant it when I decided on the title at the beginning.

My life focus has slowly narrowed until it became about five things:

Cooking as you know is a bit of fun for me as it consists of healthy eating and making do with what you have

Making do with what is on hand. Making things with my own two hands instead of buying all the time.

Thinking about life, the universe and everything at least things that have meaning to me personally and might benefit others as well

Reading a lot on a lot of different things although I do tend do focus on Cozy Mysteries, Fantasy/Sci-Fi and Self Help

Writing this blog, in my bullet journal, in my art journal and other things.

These five things will be my main topics in the coming year. I hope you will stay around and maybe tell a friend or two about Cook, Make, Think.

I will of course be going through the usual steps to prepare for the new year and will be sharing them with you along the way.

See you soon!


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