Stocking up.

Step one: Go to Costco or your local grocery store and buy 3 family size packs of meat or fish. I usually get a pack of chicken breast or thighs, a pack of hamburger and a pack of stew beef. If I have enough I'll buy pork chops too

Notes: I find that if I buy the large packs I get a better price per meal than if I bought a bunch of little ones. Remember that pack of ten chicken breasts works out to 10 meals for a single person and that pack of 2 pounds of hamburger works out to eight meals if eaten in proper portions.

Step two: Look at Pinterest for something called dump meals. Look through them to find a few you already have the ingredients for.

Step three: Bag and freeze half of the meat portions you bought without any additions with the other half fill the freezer bags as directed and put them in the freezer too
Some of what is in my freezer right now

Notes: I've noticed that most of us have pasta and rice in our cupboards, with those and some frozen vegetables you have a quick and easy dinner. If you have a bulk store you can get to, purchase some steel cut oats and quinoa for more variety

Step four: At mealtime take out the meat and seasonings and dump into a slow cooker, pot or baking pan and cook. Quick, easy and very little clean-up.

Notes: These dump meals are not complete meals most of the time merely the protein portion but what a tasty entree they are. By cooking from frozen the meat is more tender and with the additions to the bags extra flavourful when done cooking.

Additional Suggestions:

Anything you cook always make the 4-6 cup size.

Put your portion on your plate and put the rest into individual bowls with the vegetables and starch and freeze.

On a day when you are having a really bad day simply take one of these plated meals out of the freezer and reheat in the microwave. Hey Presto! one tasty meal in 5 minutes or less.


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