Six Days & Counting

I LOVE Christmas but  since I became ill I haven't the energy to go for a week like I used to.

When I didn't have to deal with the Fibro I would be at my dads about now, walking in the woods, running around on the ski-doo and playing in the snow with the kids. Just thinking about all I used to do tires me out now.

I rested three weeks to be prepared for this week and after only one outing I'm tired and I still have three more, four more if you count the first part of Christmas day when my littlest grandchildren are here waiting for their mom after their dad drops them off, to go.

At least I can have light days like today when the only requirement is a trip out to get the groceries we need for the rest of the week. And I am incredibly grateful for Amazon and other online vendors as it makes Christmas shopping so much easier when I don't have to go out and brave the crowds.

I found this kindle book at Amazon that has some really good ideas in it on how to enjoy the holidays when you have a chronic illness.

Chronic Christmas: Surviving the Holidays with a Chronic Illness by Lene Andersen (author)
Chronic Christmas: Surviving the Holidays with a Chronic Illness

Maybe you will find it useful too.


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