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On the Second Day...

My love gave me two turtle doves... Sorry that song just popped into my head as I began to write this.

On the second day of the preparing for the new year I like to sit back and think about the past year and the plans I made this time last year.

I will weigh 177lbs by December 31, 2018 This didn't happen I am still stuck between 223-225 lbs. I made it down to 219 twice but couldn't stay there because I used it as an excuse to binge. Working on getting control of that.

I will go out to local events once a month I tried but my social skills are still sadly lacking unless it is with my family. It seems I am much more of an introvert than I thought I was. 

I will prepare 3 meals a day This did happen though not at conventional times. It happened about the same time I rediscovered I like to cook.

I will spend 4 hours each day on the computer I have begun to realize that this is an impractical limit for me since I have neither TV nor stereo nor paper books to keep my hands busy indeed my computer houses all three of them. On top of that all of my sewing, knitting and embroidery patterns are online as well. I have managed to cut my time down from 18 hours to about 14 which is a bit of an improvement.

I will make 12 knitted items and 12 patchwork items I've started that many I'm sure but have only finished one quilt block and no knitted items

I will read 104 books this year I have probably read twice or three times this many considering I read a fiction book in 1.5 to 2.5 day usually and one non-fiction book per week approximately

I will spend 30 minutes a day outside As an average perhaps but I'm not really as close to that as I would like to be.

I will move my body for 30 minutes a day. Again perhaps not as much as that but easily half that since I've begun to pay attention to my butt and get up off it once in awhile. I discovered an app called pomodoro timer which sends a reminder every 20 min to get up and move about for a 5 minute break then resets itself for another 20 min and so on that I use to get me up and moving I intend to use it much more often in 2019. You can find it for Windows, Chrome, Android and Google in their stores. BTW they are also called tomato timers, read more about it on the Wikipedia link above.

The original pomodoro timer

I will answer all letters within 5 days of receiving them I was not good at this and eventually just gave up writing letters at all. Indeed I have stopped all correspondence and swapping, it was far too expensive and time consuming.

Also this year:

  • I connected with an old friend from when my kids were in nursery school. 
  • I got to see "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" on stage at last. 
  • I explored a new town and also visited a couple of old friends. 
  • I spent far too much money on postage and facebook games so I eliminated both which in turn brought me back to sewing and cooking.
  • We took 2 of the 3 youngest grandchildren to Woodbine Centre; the two oldest to Lego land; and one grandchild got to spend most of a day at Chuckie Cheese with her Papa and me.
  • I got an Insta-Pot for Christmas so I can finally find out what all the hoopla is about.
  • I discovered Lego and got the whole family involved in playing with them. I know they not new but I had never really sat down with them before and built something, much to my surprise I really like it.
  • I learned about mini-habits and have been working to bring them into my day by day.
I'm sure there are other things I forgotten but will you look at that, I had a great year and am looking forward to having another one. So tell me how was your year?


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