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On the Fifth Day


Again to day I have a little something to share before I go on to my next step for preparing for the New Year. Though it is only barely still December I cooked up those rutabaga/turnip Fries I mentioned early in the month.

Baked Spicy Rutabaga Fries from Be The Happy Soul

Strangely enough I didn't change the recipe one bit which is probably a good thing. Turns out they are pretty good and I made a second batch for later.

Only one complaint: Those things are hard to peel and even harder to cut. Next time I do this I want an electric knife to cut it with or a knife so big and sharp it goes through the rutabaga easy. I'd rather cook them without peeling them but they put this wax coating on them so they last longer and I'm not sure how healthy that would be to eat.

Have you chosen your word and made an homage to it? Have you listed the great things that happened to you this year? Have you noted down the lessons learned in this past year? Have you got a rough list of goals, aspirations, dreams for next year? Have you thought about things you want to do differently in 2019?

Good! If not that's OK I know it can seem a little overwhelming but do try to get a least a rough draft written or drawn or collaged.

The next step is to break those rough goals, aspirations and what have you into manageable pieces and to assign a time line.

Take my number one goal: A net loss of 10 lbs by Dec 31, 2019

1) a net lost means that instead of my weight hovering around 225 lbs all the time it will hover around 215 lbs. Given that I have been stuck at 225 lbs for a couple of years now this would be a great win for me.

2) what I have been doing hasn't been working but I have discovered two things over the last year: a) I am a sugar addict- if there is something sweet in my house I will eat it. b) if I deprive myself completely of my favourite treats I will wake up one day and eat a whole bag of potato chips in one sitting or buy a cake and eat the thing in one day. With this knowledge I can control my cravings by giving myself a treat once a month or so. An ice cream cone instead of a 2 l container of ice cream; a small bag of chips instead of polishing off a couple of big ones; A cookie or a tart instead of a whole cake or pie. The craving gets satisfied and I don't blow my diet to hell yet again.

3) I hate going to a gym or any type of formal exercise that lasts a half hour or more. If I'm in the mood to walk I'll walk for hours until I can't move any more. If I'm in the mood to dance I'll dance but if I have to exercise at say 9 am every day without fail and do the same exercises every day I will not do them. So instead I'll keep a list of things I can do to move about and every time I take a break from my computer I'll take five or ten minutes and do one of the things on the list.

Sounds good right! All I need is to say On Friday afternoon I will allow myself one of the following things as a treat, to get the treat I will have to go to the store so I get a little movement and a treat at the same time.

For the other movement stuff I'll put a list of things I can do for exercise that are available to me in and around the building and in my own unit and every time I get up from my computer I'll do one of those things. I can walk, I can do push-ups, planks or squats, I can dance, I can use the rebounder or I can use the resistance bands. Or if I'm in the mood I can turn on a video and move along with one of them.

But what about the regular meals; well obviously first they have to become regular so setting that habit in place needs to take priority; second I've already commited to trying one fruit & one vegetable seasonable dish each month in the pursuit of more economical meals. I will continue with the food prep I began last year and will be adding canning & dehydration to my experience this year.

And that is the beginning of my plan for just one goal! Get out your journals and take the next step. If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment. See you tomorrow for the final phase.


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