January 2019 Reading List

One of my goals for 2019 is to read to improve my mind.

1) One Classic: Beowulf
2) One Biography: Hannah's Diary: A Victorian Romance
3) One History: The Phantom Flotilla
4) One Political: Justin Trudeau

Beowulf (AmazonClassics Edition) by [Anonymous,] Hannah's Diary: A Victorian Love Story (Lost diaries) by [Bennett, C L]

 Justin Trudeau: 47 Character-Revealing Quotes from CanadaĆ¢€™s 23rd Prime Minister and What They Mean for You (Canadian Politicians Book 1) by [Armani, Christopher di]

I figure I should be able to get through one a week though with fiction books I read a book in a day and a half usually, I suspect these will not be as much fun to read so I'll read slower than usual.

Along with this I have several  Mindfulness books on my list for my self-help/self improvement list. You will find links to the above books and to the mindful books in my January Books board at Pinterest

One last thing: I usually join a couple of reading challenges and commit myself to a certain number of books to read in the year. Because I exceeded my goal last year by about a hundred I decided against committing to a number this year but I do have several reading challenges on my reading board a Pinterest check it out: READ.

You will notice that there are three lists from Ragdoll Reads that is because she offers three choices: Light, Regular & Dragon. I'll probably end up doing Dragon but I'm leaving my options open for now.


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