January 2019: Cooking Focus

What is in store and cheap this month? Lets take a look at the list from A Healthy Life For Me
Seasonal Produce Guide for January | ahealthylifeforme.com
What Fruit and Vegetable am I experimenting this month?

Vegetable: Brussels Sprouts because everyone seems to have difficulty with it and I wanted to find out more about them.

Fruit: Grapefruit because I am trying to re-educate my palate and this is one fruit I know is good for me but that I don't like a whole lot

I have below a list of health benefits for each one. Later this week I'll share the recipes I'll be making and later in the month some ideas on how to preserve the extras when the cooking is done.

Top six grapefruit benefits - Dr. Axe

Grapefruit Benefits Weight Loss, Glowing Skin & More

Obviously for me the weight loss benefit  is important but in my reading I also found it has a low glycemic index which means its good for the diabetes too

Brussels Sprouts BenefitsBrussels Sprouts Nutrition, Health Benefits & Recipes

They have so many health benefits I'm not sure where to begin. It helps Blood Sugar levels, is a source of Vitamin C and also Vitamin K for bone health to name just a few. If not one of the wonder foods it's still good for you.

These are on Dr Axe Food is Medicine, I'm not affiliated with them but their motto "Food is Medicine" rings in my heart because it is something I believe too plus they have all the charts to prove it.


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