Is There A Santa Claus?

Most of you will recognize this question from several different points in time & in media, if you don't here is a link to the Wiki entry: Is There A Santa Claus? For my purposes today I thought I'd lead you into another direction of thought?

My name and my outlook on life is mainly based on love and celebration. Love in one form or another has been a major theme in my life and I think that it is very important. Christmas is all about love.

Jesus was born to show the Father's love to the world. Saint Nicholas gave gifts to the poor and needy in his village out of love for his fellowman. Santa Claus is the symbol of a parent's love of their children.

In recent years (say about 4 decades) Christmas has gone from a parent working all year to make or buy gifts for their children to a big old spending spree that has little to do with love and a lot to do with consumerism.

Family wise I have 7 grandchildren & 2 children. My daughter has a spouse, my son has a baby momma and I have a partner. I also have a new great-nephew, his mother, her mother & her sister all of whom I feel obligated to buy gifts for. The Great-nephew is understandable he is only a few months old and Christmas is for the children after all but the other three not so much.

I love them! We as a family decided a long time ago that once a child reached the age of 18 we were no longer required to buy gifts for them. Since they are all over that age I should not be getting gifts for them or my oldest grand-child but since I suspect they will get gifts for me I need to reciprocate. My sister & her children and grandchild are the only members of that family I am still connected to and gifts are a show of love. My grand-child is a no-brainer she is important as all grand-children are and showing her love is not a question.

Again it comes back to love! Christmas in general & Santa Claus in particular is about love. Giving gifts is how we show that love at this time of year. I will keep giving gifts to my near & dear and that includes all of them.

Do you have a limit on who you will buy for or on how much you are willing to spend?


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