Finding ways to fill the time

One of the things I've noticed is that pain or not, not having a job gives me so much time in my day. Too much it seems sometimes.

As it happens I like to read but there is only so much reading you can do before you need to get up and move around.

I don't watch much TV though I have both Prime & Netflix thanks to the professor nor do I read newspapers or magazines. I can read them online through my local library if I want to but mostly I don't.

I am a crafty person which does allow me other options. If you aren't you might want to find a hobby or two to keep your mind and hands active. Even so I get bored sometimes.

I do not want to sleep what remains of my life away so when I start to get antsy I get up and walk from my kitchen to my bedroom a couple of dozen times until the edginess goes away or my legs get tired whichever one comes first. It is only a matter of about ten feet but I am glad to have it especially now that I do not want to go outside.

And still the day hangs there and I do not know what to do... What do you do when you get bored?


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