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On the Sixth Day

Peace be with you as we prepare to enter a New Year. I trust you have your word and your Goals, Aspirations etc broken into bite size pieces and ready to begin in the morning. Tonight's exercise is to clear our heads of what has gone by and prepare ourselves for what is to come. Write down your disappointments, and all the other negative stuff that has accumulated since this time last year. Burn them in the fire or rip them to shreds and toss them in the garbage with the firm intention in your mind to take the lessons learned but leave the rest of it behind, to let it go and begin anew. Remember tomorrow is the start of and you need to clear the dust and dirt from last year to make room for the new experiences coming to you!

On the Fifth Day

Again to day I have a little something to share before I go on to my next step for preparing for the New Year. Though it is only barely still December I cooked up those rutabaga/turnip Fries I mentioned early in the month. Baked Spicy Rutabaga Fries  from Be The Happy Soul Strangely enough I didn't change the recipe one bit which is probably a good thing. Turns out they are pretty good and I made a second batch for later. Only one complaint: Those things are hard to peel and even harder to cut. Next time I do this I want an electric knife to cut it with or a knife so big and sharp it goes through the rutabaga easy. I'd rather cook them without peeling them but they put this wax coating on them so they last longer and I'm not sure how healthy that would be to eat. Have you chosen your word and made an homage to it? Have you listed the great things that happened to you this year? Have you noted down the lessons learned in this past year? Have you got a rough list

January 2019: Cooking Focus

What is in store and cheap this month? Lets take a look at the list from A Healthy Life For Me What Fruit and Vegetable am I experimenting this month? Vegetable: Brussels Sprouts because everyone seems to have difficulty with it and I wanted to find out more about them. Fruit: Grapefruit because I am trying to re-educate my palate and this is one fruit I know is good for me but that I don't like a whole lot I have below a list of health benefits for each one. Later this week I'll share the recipes I'll be making and later in the month some ideas on how to preserve the extras when the cooking is done. Grapefruit Benefits Weight Loss, Glowing Skin & More Obviously for me the weight loss benefit  is important but in my reading I also found it has a low glycemic index which means its good for the diabetes too Brussels Sprouts Nutrition, Health Benefits & Recipes They have so many health benefits I'm not sure wher

On the Fourth Day

Two more days to go! Before I address today's step I need to talk. Today and yesterday I've been sleeping a lot. Today when I read the entry for December 29th in the Comfort book I realized why. I expended a lot of energy during Christmas week and it is catching up with me. I need to refill the well as it were. There is also the post holiday let down, you know when you sit down and begin to think about all the ways things could have been better. Then there is the mid-winter cold which does not help one bit. So to each of you I say... Stop... Stop focusing on what went wrong and think about all the ways the holiday went right. Realize that you were magnificent but now you need your rest. Turn off your phone turn on you favorite viewing station and allow yourself just time to be. Your family can do without you for one day at least for a few hours. Send them out to do some post holiday shopping if you can't send them home. In their eyes you are old so take advantage of t

January 2019 Reading List

One of my goals for 2019 is to read to improve my mind. 1) One Classic: Beowulf 2) One Biography: Hannah's Diary: A Victorian Romance 3) One History: The Phantom Flotilla 4) One Political: Justin Trudeau     I figure I should be able to get through one a week though with fiction books I read a book in a day and a half usually, I suspect these will not be as much fun to read so I'll read slower than usual. Along with this I have several  Mindfulness books on my list for my self-help/self improvement list. You will find links to the above books and to the mindful books in my January Books board at Pinterest One last thing: I usually join a couple of reading challenges and commit myself to a certain number of books to read in the year. Because I exceeded my goal last year by about a hundred I decided against committing to a number this year but I do have several reading challenges on my reading board a Pinterest check it out: READ . You will notice that there are

On the Third Day

1) My first priority is a net weight loss of 10 lbs this year though if I get more I'll be a very happy girl. Following the various 30 day physical challenges below and continuing in my research of veganism should yield the above net loss by this time next year. Month Physical Food January Balance Brussels Sprouts, Grapefruit February Posture Broccoli & Lemons March Walking Kiwi & Green Peas April Flexibility Lime & Avocado May Core Rhubarb & Celery June Yoga Blueberries & Spinach July Wall sit/ Squats Eggplant & Plums August Body Weight Workout Sweet Pepper & Cherries September Pushups Pears & Carrots October Lunges Cranberries & Beets November Planks Apples & Kale December Resistance Bands/ Rebounder Orange & S

What is Happening This Month: January 2019

My Life List for January

On the Second Day...

My love gave me two turtle doves... Sorry that song just popped into my head as I began to write this. On the second day of the preparing for the new year I like to sit back and think about the past year and the plans I made this time last year. I will weigh 177lbs by December 31, 2018 This didn't happen I am still stuck between 223-225 lbs. I made it down to 219 twice but couldn't stay there because I used it as an excuse to binge. Working on getting control of that. I will go out to local events once a month I tried but my social skills are still sadly lacking unless it is with my family. It seems I am much more of an introvert than I thought I was.  I will prepare 3 meals a day This did happen though not at conventional times. It happened about the same time I rediscovered I like to cook. I will spend 4 hours each day on the computer I have begun to realize that this is an impractical  limit for me since I have neither TV nor stereo  nor paper books to kee

Today is the beginning of the beginning of a New Year

Today is the beginning of the beginning of a New Year. Did you catch boxing day fever? So many of us do myself included. Today is a great shopping day... well maybe I'm not sure the mark downs are all that great until after New Years Day. Today when you are sitting at home in your favourite chair looking at the things you bought you will suddenly be struck with a big thought. The last day of 2018 is less than a week away. If you are like me your mind will begin reviewing  the past year and thinking about what you want 2019 to be about You will notice that this blog has a new title and, if you notice such things, a new web address. I decided that it was time to organize things a bit better. It came to me one night last month that I was getting too old to be a wildchild, at least in the way I meant it when I decided on the title at the beginning. My life focus has slowly narrowed until it became about five things: Cooking as you know is a bit of fun for me as it consists of

Merry Christmas!

Six Days & Counting

I LOVE Christmas but  since I became ill I haven't the energy to go for a week like I used to. When I didn't have to deal with the Fibro I would be at my dads about now, walking in the woods, running around on the ski-doo and playing in the snow with the kids. Just thinking about all I used to do tires me out now. I rested three weeks to be prepared for this week and after only one outing I'm tired and I still have three more, four more if you count the first part of Christmas day when my littlest grandchildren are here waiting for their mom after their dad drops them off, to go. At least I can have light days like today when the only requirement is a trip out to get the groceries we need for the rest of the week. And I am incredibly grateful for Amazon and other online vendors as it makes Christmas shopping so much easier when I don't have to go out and brave the crowds. I found this kindle book at Amazon that has some really good ideas in it on how to enjoy th

Is There A Santa Claus?

Most of you will recognize this question from several different points in time & in media, if you don't here is a link to the Wiki entry: Is There A Santa Claus?  For my purposes today I thought I'd lead you into another direction of thought? My name and my outlook on life is mainly based on love and celebration. Love in one form or another has been a major theme in my life and I think that it is very important. Christmas is all about love. Jesus was born to show the Father's love to the world. Saint Nicholas gave gifts to the poor and needy in his village out of love for his fellowman. Santa Claus is the symbol of a parent's love of their children. In recent years (say about 4 decades) Christmas has gone from a parent working all year to make or buy gifts for their children to a big old spending spree that has little to do with love and a lot to do with consumerism. Family wise I have 7 grandchildren & 2 children. My daughter has a spouse, my son has

12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:  The gift of my Undivided Attention On the second day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:  The gift of Enthusiasm  On the third day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:  The gift of Creative Energy  On the fourth day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:  The gift of Simple Seasonal Pleasures  On the fifth day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:  The gift of Tenderness  On the sixth day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:  The gift of Good Cheer  On the seventh day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:  The gift of Beauty  On the eighth day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:  The gift of Communication  On the ninth day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:  The gift of Surprise  On the tenth day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:  The gift of Wonder  On the eleventh day of Christmas, I gave to my true loves:  The gift of Peaceful Surroundings

Begin With the End In Mind

If you have read the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey then you will recognize that statement, if not that's OK. It is actually Step 2 in his habits list right after Be Proactive. I've been reading the book as part of my attempt to broaden my mind and thought it was a rather appropriate subject for December since many of us will be reviewing the last year and preparing for the new one as 2019 approaches. Only 21 days left in 2018 and 14 of those are taken up by preparation for Christmas. It's absurd that we go through all this preparation for one day out of 365 but ... Back on topic. The first thing this chapter in the book asks you to do is to picture your funeral in say three years time and the people who will attend. Further, four of those people get up and speak about you and your influence in their lives. One from your family, one from your friends, one from your work and one from a church or community association you belong to. What will they sa

A Perfect Day

Have you ever sat down and tried to decide what your perfect day would look like? On a perfect day my day would begin at 7 AM instead of the 8 AM it currently starts at. But why pick such an arbitrary time? Truth is that's what time my parents and later my kids woke me up at every day and I feel it is what I should be doing. Many decades later certain mind sets are hard to shake. On a perfect day if I'm supposed to be going out that day I wouldn't talk myself out of it. I have done that, with time to think I find reasons why I can't possibly do it that day. That's why my family and my doctors find me unreliable. I would go to those appointments without second thoughts. On a perfect day I would eat three meals and two snacks. I do eat three meals but I delay them until I have no choice but to put something in my stomach. Two snacks, sometimes, it depends on what I have in the way of what I consider snack food. The first thing I should do is to actually schedule

Yes, it was on Purpose

You will notice that between yesterday and today over 500 posts have disappeared from this blog. It is on purpose, I had too many tags and wanted to streamline things a little. You may also notice the colour change, that too is on purpose as I try to find a combination that I love. I have been wanting to shift things around for a while now and yesterday I decided to go for it. Please bear with me as I work through this phase, hopefully, when I'm done I'll like it better and if I like it better chances you will too.

Stocking up.

Step one: Go to Costco or your local grocery store and buy 3 family size packs of meat or fish. I usually get a pack of chicken breast or thighs, a pack of hamburger and a pack of stew beef. If I have enough I'll buy pork chops too Notes: I find that if I buy the large packs I get a better price per meal than if I bought a bunch of little ones. Remember that pack of ten chicken breasts works out to 10 meals for a single person and that pack of 2 pounds of hamburger works out to eight meals if eaten in proper portions. Step two: Look at Pinterest for something called dump meals . Look through them to find a few you already have the ingredients for. Step three: Bag and freeze half of the meat portions you bought without any additions with the other half fill the freezer bags as directed and put them in the freezer too Some of what is in my freezer right now Notes: I've noticed that most of us have pasta and rice in our cupboards, with those and some frozen vegetables

The humble turnip

Known to humankind as early as 15th century BC ( Wikipedia ) the turnip or rutabaga as it is called here in Canada has a long history. Though they look different they belong to the same vegetable family. Turnips were used instead of pumpkins in the early days of Halloween. Carved, hollowed out and used as lanterns just like we do with pumpkins now. They are hardy and can grow almost anywhere plus they can be stored in the ground for an easy meal in the winter. They are considered a very good replacement for potatoes and helpful in famine situations or in our case a cheap healthy food. They are a healthy food because they contain several important vitamins as well as carbohydrates and protein and no fat and the whole plant can be eaten. Turnip greens are a favourite for many people. They last a long time and they are easily frozen once they are peeled and cooked. As an added plus they are used in many different countries which allows us to find the right taste for us. Ho

Finding ways to fill the time

One of the things I've noticed is that pain or not, not having a job gives me so much time in my day. Too much it seems sometimes. As it happens I like to read but there is only so much reading you can do before you need to get up and move around. I don't watch much TV though I have both Prime & Netflix thanks to the professor nor do I read newspapers or magazines. I can read them online through my local library if I want to but mostly I don't. I am a crafty person which does allow me other options. If you aren't you might want to find a hobby or two to keep your mind and hands active. Even so I get bored sometimes. I do not want to sleep what remains of my life away so when I start to get antsy I get up and walk from my kitchen to my bedroom a couple of dozen times until the edginess goes away or my legs get tired whichever one comes first. It is only a matter of about ten feet but I am glad to have it especially now that I do not want to go outside. And

Welcome to December

We are barely two days in and it's been crazy! All five of the littles stopped in for a bit yesterday and the older two added some more buildings to my advent calendar and it has become a nice size village. I haven't added any people yet but they are coming I have a large bag of minifigs so I'll be placing them around the village. I wish I had a proper Santa figure but the one I made up will work just fine. All of the littles save the littlest little received Lego Advent Calendars this year and because my daughter did not trust me to provide what I said I would I ended up with two extras. The littlest little received a Christmas Duplo set so she wouldn't feel left out. I figure since I have them I might as well make along with the kids so that is what I'm doing. I suppose I should tell you that Lego building blocks are going to feature often in these posts for the near future at least. I have not had much opportunity to play with them. I never e