... of the Year

It's amazing how many different person of the year awards there are. Nearly every occupation has one, oh some of them are called Emmys or other cute name but they are all about honouring a person in their particular niche.

What I was looking for was more along the lines of the tree of the year or the animal of the year, the closest I came to was the word of the year which most of us are familiar with and the colour of the year from one of the paint makers.

As I have stated I like to have something to celebrate every day and something to learn about. I was attempting to get some ideas this morning for my new journal. Oh well, looks like I'm going to have to make up my own. I am thinking I might have a monthly one or even a daily one, except I'm not sure my brain is up for that.

We'll see I guess. At least the word of my 60th year was easy to find. I chose Magic. I'm not sure where that path will take me but I am sure it will be magical!

A new Year

My year begins in October.

On the 7th of October I will be beginning my 60th year. Never thought I would live to see that day but the Great Spirit willing I will.

On the 31st most Celtic witches and other pagans celebrate our New Year as Oct 31 and Nov 1 mark the end of one harvest year and the beginning of the next.

I usually have to replace my datebook/journal around the beginning of October and this year is no different. I have chosen the book and put the year on the front. Today I will be adding the yearly bits like birthdays and such.

The first section of my journal includes the annual celebrations, my yearly and monthly goals. Sometimes other things as well.

I was wishing for my first datebook which was called soul something, it has a lot of other sections in the beginning as well but I think it is long gone. I did have a One Note version but I don't know if I still do.

A few years ago I switched to Evernote but I am thinking it is rather limited compared to One Note. In One…

Just an Update

I've not written anything here for 8 days because around the 2nd, 3rd of the month I started to feel sick- sore throat that hurt like a thousand cuts when I swallowed and a sinus headache. The problem is that it got worse and worse so that by Friday I had a wet cough to go along with the other usual symptoms of a cold or sinus infection. I am still not better but after two days of resting as much as possible, I am doing better.

I have managed to get the air conditioner put away, not where it needs to be but at least it's out of the living room. I've decided to go 9" on my monthly patches rather than 12" because I measured them and none of them were near the 12". The 9" size also makes it easier to find a back fabric for it. It's amazing how much space is created when you remove 1.5" from each side. I picked up both a felt and a cotton that will work for the back, lucky me they were on sale.

The cotton is red & green & gold stripes which…

Welcome September

As summer fades for this year and kids are back in school, most school supplies and summer clothes will already have been moved on out. However, it is worth looking out for that final clearance merchandise when you are in your favourite stores or even online, because you might just luck out and stumble upon some rock bottom prices.  This can be a great chance to stockpile some items for the following school year or for future donations.  Schools need supplies all year long and many school supplies make great donations for Holiday toy drives. It pays to think ahead and make your charitable contributions go farther! Plus, don’t miss this opportunity to pick up inexpensive stocking stuffers and other holiday gifts. Breakfast items are also on sale this month as part of the back to school theme. The first of the fall fruits and vegetables will be arriving at the store so look for good deals. If you are handy in the kitchen you can even freeze or can a few things. I like cooking but canni…

September Goals

See that sunflower? it stands in the middle of our garden. We have one other already open and half a dozen that will open over the next week. It is a beautiful thing.

September is such an inbetween month that using it for a bit of winter prep makes sense. Have a good month!

Live, Love, Laugh

A Rant

Yesterday was supposed to be a fun day but it nearly became a disaster twice. The second stemmed from the first so I'll begin there.

I have trouble with my memory a lot. Forgetting words, forgetting what I'm looking for and forgetting things I need to do whatever it is I'm doing that day. More than once I've left my ODSP papers at home when I needed them to get a bus pass or medication. Before they changed the process at the pharmacy, I was glad I no longer needed a drug card.

Last month we were supposed to take GS#1 & GS#2 to the circus but I gave the tickets away. I made a decision that caused all kinds of problems between the professor and my daughter and between both of them and me. I did not intentionally lie indeed I didn't really lie at all. I was working from a false assumption. The professor had kept saying he wasn't sure, didn't want to take the boys because their disabilities might have caused some problems. He also seemed really tired so I d…

Monday Morning

Well, I have completed inventorying my shelf. I got rid of three black garbage bags of stuff though there is still far too much there. I need to take a look at the top of it a bit closer though because there are a few things up there I am not sure about.

This week I'll be tackling my desk and environs, it would be good to know what stamps I have, How many and what kind of paper punches I have among other things.

Not today though, for some reason today I am very tired so other than packing a few books to make them easier to carry away I'm not going to be doing much. Every week it seems these days I end up sleeping most of a day. Usually, Monday which is supposed to be home cleaning day.

Wednesday we will be taking GD#3 and GS#3 to Lego Land the good news is that that is the last trip of the summer. After that I will be concentrating on preparing for Christmas and the birthday yet to come including my 59th and my son's 40th, oh and GD#1 turns 21 all-important birthdays. GS#1…