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Boredom Busters - Active Fun

Last week we went with a quiet, rather passive way to deal with boredom today we are going to look at a few less passive activities. We still need to wear our masks but getting outside is easier now that we are at Stage two.
One of the easiest activities you can do is queue up some music on your phone and go for a walk either early in the morning (8ish) or in the evening (best after 7pm I think). If listening to music as you walk doesn't work for you find a podcast or a book on tape to listen to. There are all kinds of them online that you can download to your phone or ipod.
If you have a decent data plan on your phone you can download Pokemon Go and catch pokemon as you walk. I tried this a little while ago on gd1's phone and didn't even notice how long I was walking. I don't have data on my phone but I'm beginning to think I really need to get it because the pokemon was fun.

One other thing you can do is get the Participaction App and do your daily 10 with it.
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Culinary Arts 101- This for That (The Art of Substitution in Cooking)

The following is a huge infographic but it contains a wealth of information I've found useful many times. We all know what it's like to have a recipe half done only to realize you don't have a certain ingredient you need to finish it. Instead of a last-minute run to the store try some of these substitutions.

Saturday Subjects: Meyers-Briggs

So I was just clicking around on Pinterest and I came across a reference to the Meyers-Briggs Personality Type Test. Its been awhile since I really looked into this but I've come across two to three references to it in the past couple of weeks so I figured I should refresh my memory as the universe might be trying to tell me something. I meant to wait until Tuesday but it keeps popping up so ... time to refresh my memory.
For those who are not sure what I'm talking about here is a bit of history from Wikipedia. Briggs and Myers began creating the indicator during World War II[2] in the belief that a knowledge of personality preferences would help women entering the industrial workforce for the first time to identify the sort of war-time jobs that would be the "most comfortable and effective" for them.[1]:xiii The Briggs Myers Type Indicator Handbook was published in 1944. The indicator changed its name to "Myers–Briggs Type Indicator" in 1956.[18] Myers' …

Wild About Wild Life: Snakes

Snakes & I have a long history of mutual dislike, at least I assume it is mutual cause I have never really liked them. At one point in my life, I was actually terrified. I had a reason, the snake was 10 feet long and easily 9" round and my grand-daughter was petting the damn thing. The Professor still teases me about it but over the years I have come to a place of acceptance, as long as they are behind glass walls I like them just fine.
I know that isn't really fair to the snake but hey I gotta draw the line somewhere. Today I am sharing some stuff about the snake as spirit guide as well as some knowledge sites. Snakes aren't bad but most of them predatory and territorial so they should always be approached with respect.

For more information on this interesting reptile check out the following:
Snake Symbolism NG Reference Wikipedia

Indoor Garden Ideas- Water Garden

There is no need to get fancy with the base but it looks nice doesn't it. When I was researching for ways to make a water garden that was small enough for a table and easy enough I didn't need to buy any extra stuff. This one @radmegan fit the bill
I have a collection of Mason jars for various things like the salads we talked about yesterday and a tiny plant pot that fit inside it. I also have planting soil and rocks. I use special mineral-free water in my sleep apnea machine so I had that as well. All I had to figure out was how to get the water plants & the charcoal.
Online has become the easiest way. I start with amazon because I know they had the aquarium charcoal when I did my terrariums. Turns out that they have lots of different items. I did a lot of searching until I decided to go with the cheapest version which I ordered right away as it said there were only three left. I am sure there are others that would work as well but for now, this fit my priority of cheap.

Picnic Idea of the Week- Mason Jar Salads

Pack some Mason Jar Salads, they are easy to make and the clean-up is easy. Plus as you can see below they are colourful and delicious. Add a water bottle with something you like to drink in it and head out to a park near you. Preferably one with picnic tables and plenty of shade. Read, write, draw whatever your pleasure and enjoy the beautiful day. Lots more ideas on my Pinterest board

Tuesday Thinking- Getting a Haircut in the New Normal

Getting a Haircut in the New Normal is an event. 
First, you have to call and make an appointment, no walk-ins allowed so you can't be just be walking by and see the sign and think I need a haircut and go in and get an appointment. In some places, your whole conversation is by email.
Second, once you have the appointment they email you this list of requirements beginning with the fact that you are going to have to wear a mask to get in and there is no waiting inside no matter what the weather is. You have to arrive at the exact time that your appointment is and wait for them to let you inside.
Thirdly you have to wear the mask the whole time you are in there.
It was just too much given the heat so I cancelled it. So I'm a wuss! Maybe I'll wait to September & get the Pixie cut I wanted my hair should be long enough then for it to look right.