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Healthy Aging Week 4

Challenge your brain. Some cognitive decline, such as in memory and thinking skills, is a normal part of ageing. Studies have shown that a lifestyle that includes cognitive stimulation through active learning slows this cognitive decline. Do something good and stimulating for your brain like assembling a puzzle, learning a foreign language or learning to play a musical instrument.Jigsaw puzzles are fun in a slow and easy way, crosswords & find-a-words are challenging. Building blocks can also help your memory and your hand-eye co-ordination.Now I know that money is an issue for many people, myself included so I decided to see what I could find cheap or free online.Jigsaw PuzzlesThe Jigsaw Puzzles.comJigsaw ExplorerJigsaw PlanetCrosswordsBoatload PuzzlesArkadiumDo a search for crosswords online and you will find a whole bunch of crosswords from Newspaper sites, some are free some are not. I avoid newspapers as much as possible so you will need to check them out for yourself.Find-A-…
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Sewing Month Week Three

Ok so now you have all these pieces what are you supposed to do with them. I am going to assume some basic knowledge of sewing by hand but if you are truly a beginner check out this site.
Got thread and a needle? Got your pieces handy?
Today you will begin sewing them together. If you are good with a sewing machine you can use it as well, I just prefer to sew little pieces by hand.
Take two of the two inch triangles and sew them to the top & bottom of the square. Iron the seams open to flatten it a little.
Once you have the first two triangles sewn on and ironed, sew on the left & right pieces. Iron and put aside. Trust me if you sewed all four sides in one day you will need the rest.
Once you have completed those two steps rotate the square 90 degrees and repeat the process with the larger triangles. Iron it flat. You are done for this week.

A video from youtube on how to thread a needle

Better Breakfast Week 3

Here's the thing ... Breakfast can be anything from leftovers to Scramble Eggs & toast. There are things you can make ahead of time and freeze or go to a grocery store and pick something up. Most of the time I prefer not to buy food but to make it. I have a limited income so must make everything count.One of my favourite breakfast foods is egg muffins, like a quiche but smaller they are easy to make and you can add meat  & vegetables to them if you want to.Best of all they are fully freezable so though you make a dozen you don't need to eat them all in a couple of days. How to Make Egg MuffinsChop and sauté the veggies.Stir in the spices.Add the spinach and cook until all the juices have been released.Whisk eggs and cottage cheese.Mix the veggies into the egg cheese mixture and add cheese.Transfer to muffin tins or baking dish.Bake and enjoy!Check out the link above for more information & the directions.

Saturday- Autumn Equinox

Equal day & night before the nights begin to darken at 4 PM. A Pagan celebration to thank the sun and prepare for the cold to come.This year it is on the 22 of September. I am not sure how I will be celebrating it but I suspect it will be low key like always as I rest and prepare for the 2nd week of October and all the birthdays during that week plus a dinner party to celebrate my 60th year.The first thing I will be doing is changing the hanger on my door to the autumn one. Beyond that, I have no clue.
There are many crafts that you can do to bring autumn into your home but the celebration itself ... SomeWiccan rituals for Maboninclude building an altar with harvest fruits and vegetables, meditating on balance, gathering and feasting on apples, offering apples to the goddess, sharing food, and counting one’s blessings. SourceFor a more in-depth explanation of Equinox celebrations can be found on Learn Religions. That web site contains a wealth of information on Pagan rituals and man…

Cholesterol Week 3- What Cholesterol does to your body

Yoga & Self Care Week 3

OK so Yoga isn't real easy. That said there are sites like this one who show you ways you CAN do it if you really want to. The Sun Salutation is the most well know of the pose sets and this article shows you how to do it without having to get down on the floor. Important when you have issues that make getting back up difficult.It is not a secure site but I assure you it is safe.

I like this article because she shows you what to do but she also has suggestions on how to modify it for beginners

Chicken & Rice 4 Ways- Way 3

Or Indian Chicken & RiceIf you like Indian food you will love this! It is not simple or easy but it is delicious.