About Me

My name is Cherylann Marois
  1. I am a woman between 55 and 60. My style and beliefs can best be described as eclectic
  2. I am single though you will find references to my husband, the Professor. He doesn't live with me or even in the same town as me but we have been in a relationship for 20 + years.
  3. I no longer work for a living due to Fibromyalgia and Dysthymia and have not for about 10 years. I have other illnesses related to being morbidly obese which include diabetes and high cholesterol.
  4. I am a grandmother of seven. As of 2018: The first is 20, the second is 17 and the others range in age from 10 to 3
  5. I am creatively inclined and do many different crafts depending on how I'm feeling. I have an unfinished object list almost as long as my arm. 
  6. I do my own cooking and like sharing how I've altered a recipe and new foods I'm trying.
  7. The Professor and I like to travel and we try to go somewhere within Ontario every year.
  8. I read a lot, am semi-active on several social media sites and love Solitaire, (my favorite solitaire app is called SolSuite and contains hundreds of different games)
  9. I do not leave my home (in an old renovated church) very often except in the spring and fall. Summer is too hot and winter too cold. During the times I am house-bound my daughter and oldest grand-daughter do the stuff that needs doing outside like groceries and prescriptions.
  10. I have the curiosity of a cat and am always learning new things especially new crafts, writing stuff and recipes.
What Do I Talk About?
  1. Cooking adventures: I am always trying new to me ingredients and different types of recipes. When I don't have an ingredient or I can't use it because of diabetes I substitute. Someone called me a creative cook a long time ago and I own it, I love to experiment and share those experiments with others in case they run into similar problems.
  2. Travel adventures: Where we went, why we were there, most often its because The Professor had to go out of town on a job and invited me along. Sometimes it is like Rocky Horror in Stratford, something that was on our calendar that I just had to share. I love to take interesting photo's when I'm away and I share them too.
  3. Crafting adventures: As I noted above  I turn my hand to, well, using my hands. Sometimes it will be simple things like a Lego challenge, other times it will be a needlecraft project, and still other times it will be about dioramas. I try to share what I'm doing and provide links so you can try for yourself
  4. Writing adventures: I have no plans to write a book but I like to write poems and I admit to some stories that really want to be told, these I will talk about, share and even ask for critiques once in a while. Also, I keep a number of different journals so if I create something I think is spectacular I'll share those as well.
Those are the main things though I'll also talk about reading, thoughts, self-improvement and whatever else catches my interest that I hope you will find interesting because I do.

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