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Tuesday Thinking- Making Do...

So a little history before I begin. I was born in 1960 which as some of you know is when the world began to change. I was the tail-end of the group called baby-boomers. Actually, I was born between the baby-boomers and the beginning of the industrial age. Can't remember the word... 

I read somewhere that after the second world war people tended to have large families usually 10 or more kids. My parents were from families that big. The next generation cut the number of children in half so that most families had 4-5 kids on average. The next generation which is mine had 2.5 kids on average. Is there a word for that generation? No matter not what I wanted to talk about.

My father was a manual labourer doing everything from lumber to working in a quarry to working for the township cutting down trees and such. My mother did not work until after child number four was born, (number five was a bit of a surprise), and the jobs she did were things like picking strawberries & cleaning cottages. A long-winded way of saying five kids and very little money. Still, they made do we had three meals a day and new shoes every fall. Our clothes were hand-me-downs from cousins and were handed from me to my sisters, my brothers shared clothes for the most part since they were pretty much the same size but there are six & ten years between me and my sisters so they got hand-me-downs.

I feel I live a much more privileged life than I did as a kid. I don't have to grow my own vegetables or raise chickens and rabbits for meat for instance. And I can buy new clothes if I want to. That said every once in a while I want to throw everything I have into a garbage bin and begin again. Since I have several hundred dollars worth of crafting equipment and supplies I've collected over the years that would be a colossal waste.

I went and purchased myself a decent sewing machine because it hurts my hands to sew with a needle and thread these days because I am still working on a wall hanging I've been working on for years and the sewing machine will make it easier to sew the smaller pieces and the hanging will progress much faster.

One of the squares is a sun made from small triangles. I cut these triangles with scissors and multiple layers of fabric folded over and over so they are a bit wonky. I keep wanting to throw all those little pieces and do them again the right way unfortunately for me I already used up the material. Searching around I could replace it but then I look at all those triangles I cut and shake my head. Why buy new material when you already have the pieces you just have to unwonk them.

I've been going back and forth like this for a couple of weeks now. To make the pieces work I'm going to have to trim them and get the angles right without making them too small. This is my kind of making do. I have to laugh at myself every time because compared to my parents I got it real easy! Think on that!


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