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Boredom Busters - Never stop learning!

We are near the end of this month and I have been going back and forth about what this last post should be. I can talk about everyday things like housework or once in a lifetime things like a trip to the mountains. I'm not really feeling those. There is one other thing that I find fun and interesting and that is what I've chosen for this week.

I am by nature a curious person and I am always looking for new things to learn. In my teens, I heard about people who went to college and university year after year just to learn something new and I thought I want to be one of those. Life has a way of derailing plans so even though I never spent my life in school I have tried and learned something new every year. 2020 was supposed to be my year to learn the ins and outs of blogging but with everything going on I just couldn't settle into it so instead I've been making Christmas villages and learning the basics of patchwork and quilting.

With the new normal dozens of new opportunities have arisen for self-education online. Some are expensive and some are not but they all have one incredible thing in common. You can get a college or university type education without ever leaving your house. What is more, unlike going to school to learn something according to a teachers schedule they are mainly self-paced. That means for most of them you have a full year to complete the course.

A quick search on Google will find you some 50 million options including some of the top Universities like Queens & McMaster. I signed up to Class Central which is exactly what it says a collection of courses offered by many education sources. When you sign up you get to pick and choose from a hundred different disciplines and then find courses of interest to get you started. From there its just a matter of going to the classroom(s) and starting the course.

I haven't started any yet but that is because of the projects I mentioned before, when they are complete I will direct my attention back to learning something new.

Check it out! Maybe you will find something you want to do too. Let us face it if our minds or our hands are busy then boredom is much less likely to occur.

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