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Hello June- Monday Thoughts

As you know I get bored easily and need to change things up once in a while. I've been going over the posts from the last three months looking at what people read and what they didn't. I want to expand my reader base if I can and I was hoping this would help. It did and it didn't. I found out just how much I need to learn. To that end, I plan to devote an hour a day learning about how to lead more people to my posts. 

I appreciate all five of you but I want to reach out to more people who might find my blog useful. I hope you will help me or at least say a prayer for me.

That said, I have some interesting topics coming up this month. 

I am looking to get back into cooking a little, I've let it go for far too long and am finding myself back to unhealthy eating habits. As a diabetic and on a fixed income I find that sometimes fresh food just doesn't happen and I desperately need to fix that. I will be talking about seasonal fruits and vegetables as much as possible, I will also be talking about the whole cook ahead and freeze thing I do.

Somewhere along the line in the past 12 weeks, I heard that because of the business shutdowns we may be looking at a new depression era. Since it is a possibility I decided to do some research and see what I could find in the way of recipes to try from those times. I am not sure how authentic they will be but I will try to bring you the real thing as much as possible.

With the making stuff, (maybe I should call it crafting instead of making), I have chosen two very different approaches. The first one I call fun crafts though they might be more properly called what to do when you can't think what to do. It will be more about jumpstarting your creativity when you reach a block.

The second one also will include some spiritual stuff as well as the making. The summer solstice is coming and I am preparing for it by making some tools and accessories to help get in the mood. On the 19th (the day before the solstice) I will be sharing the ritual I will be trying.

Thinking is such a headache but we all need to keep our minds active and engaged and this is how I do it. I like learning new things and research is part of that. This month I will be looking into Rivers and water. Now I was of two minds on how to do this. I would like to concentrate on rivers but I think water is actually the more important topic I compromised by deciding to feature a photo of one Ontarian River and a discussion about one of the various ways water impacts our lives per week.

With Father's Day this month, I wanted to do some male based research. This is also Men's Health Month so I figured looking into various aspects of men's health was the way to go. Hope you find it interesting and informative.

And finally just for fun, I decided music in the middle of the week sounds good and I have a curiosity about music that is considered African American so I will be sharing some of the stuff I found to listen to this month under that topic on Wednesdays.

Enjoy the month!


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