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Radical Self Love

Today I am reading about body acceptance and self love.  The search term I used on google "celebrate your body" which lead me to a book on puberty but at the bottom of that page was a link to this place. After reading the introduction I decided I wanted to know more about this subject so I clicked the link to their main web site.

While I love their logo and introduction once I got to the web site I was less impressed. There are a great many useful articles but to get access to anything else requires you pay a fee so I went back to my original search and began again.

Sadly I actually had to go to page 2 of the search before I could find anything of interest. For some reason that book on puberty had the whole first page to itself. Anyway ...

I found Gala Darling and decided to take a look at what she had. I found an article called "How to Practice Major Mega Supreme Body Love ... Daily" that actually made some important points to help foster a positive body image.

Her first point is the most important thing to do if you have body issues. It's simple to stop buying and reading those magazines and web sites which talk about weight. You are likely to be more relaxed and comfortable in your own skin if you stop being bombarded by all that negative talk.

Another point she made that I also think is very important is to actually stand naked in front of a mirror and say out loud that you love yourself and give yourself compliments. You may feel silly at first but that will go away. BTW look yourself in the eyes when you do it that way the message will really be heard and absorbed into your mind.

I think if you follow those two prescriptions you will become more comfortable in your own body and it will stop mattering so much what the media says.

I went to Amazon and found both Radical Self Love and The Body Is Not An Apology which I am thinking about buying but first I think I want to learn more about Emotional freedom technique (EFT)

Do not apologize for your body stand tall and proud!


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