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Organized Home

My home really isn't well organized, normally that doesn't bother me because I have lots of room to spread out. Normally. Right now GD#1 is staying with me until she finishes College and since she is creative like me there is a lot more stuff around than normal.

We've added a Kallax in the bedroom for her clothes but the living area is quite crowded, partially because of my Kallax and partially because there are now two desks in it and various other shelving units.

My Kallax is like the one above except that it is full of milk crates which are full of my crafting stuff and books. Replacing it with something smaller is not an option but maybe I can reorganize it a little. If I can do that I can remove two of my biggest headaches. I have a 3 shelf bookcase and a small portable filing cabinet I would love to get rid of and I will if I can relocate their contents elsewhere.

Thus the reason I need to go through the contents of the Kallax and get rid of things I am not going to get around to any time soon. Do the same with the file cabinet and the bookshelf. Transfer what is left after the cull from the bookshelf and the file cabinet to the Kallax and I will have opened up my workspace considerably.

Do the same with the stuff under my work table and I should have a comfortable, workable space to set up my sewing machine or anything else I need for a project without feeling so crowded.

I also have the option of adding various inserts to the shelf unit which will also help with the organization. All the things I'm thinking about today.

Well not quite I also have a huge issue with my bedroom closet but that is because I have too many clothes and can't be bothered to hang them after they are washed. If I could get into that habit I think the problem might lessen a lot. There are other issues in my bedroom but that is the one that concerns me the most right now.

BTW, Professor, I have that power screwdriver thing here, I found it in my closet when I pulled my clothes out.

I know the method, I just gotta get the energy.

1) Gather everything in one place
2) Sort into three piles keep, give away/sell and toss
3) Once they are sorted follow through with the giveaway and toss parts
4) Put the keep stuff back in their proper places

Voila! Done! Yeah right if only it were that easy. Truth is sometimes we have something that needs to be tossed or could be given away but we won't because of some sentimental reason or my usual, someday I will get it done, excuse. Sometimes you got to force yourself to do what you know is right

Do you have any suggestions? I'd love to hear from you!


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