Welcome September

As summer fades for this year and kids are back in school, most school supplies and summer clothes will already have been moved on out. However, it is worth looking out for that final clearance merchandise when you are in your favourite stores or even online, because you might just luck out and stumble upon some rock bottom prices. 
This can be a great chance to stockpile some items for the following school year or for future donations. 
Schools need supplies all year long and many school supplies make great donations for Holiday toy drives. It pays to think ahead and make your charitable contributions go farther! Plus, don’t miss this opportunity to pick up inexpensive stocking stuffers and other holiday gifts.
Breakfast items are also on sale this month as part of the back to school theme.
The first of the fall fruits and vegetables will be arriving at the store so look for good deals. If you are handy in the kitchen you can even freeze or can a few things. I like cooking but canning not so much, way too fiddly for me.
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